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Whatever business you’re in, we have the right furniture solution for your needs. We have access to thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers. And if not, we can find a custom solution for you.


Fluid Interiors has helped thousands of companies simplify the complexity of creating high-performance workspaces.  From law firms and financial institutions to ad agencies and software companies, Fluid Interiors understands that each company has a unique culture; that’s why we offer applications that range from traditional to modern, with custom solutions for each customer that consider user needs, technology requirements, and spaces for both collaboration and independent work.

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Our goal is to create education environments that are inspiring and conducive to learning.    We offer flexible product applications and technology solutions that support how students learn in a variety of environments, such as classrooms, lounge areas, cafeterias, learning labs and more.  Many Haworth products are Greenguard Certified and BIFMA level certified to ensure products are safe and healthy for schools.


Federal, State and Local government organizations are experiencing smaller staffs, tighter budgets and increased workloads – all compounded with reduced timelines to get everything accomplished.  We offer solutions to get things done faster, smarter and more cost efficient than ever before. We can all admit that, even with recent efforts to simplify government procurement, the process can still seem somewhat overwhelming. We have substantial experience in working with government agencies and with multi-site contracts.


Fluid Interiors takes a patient-centered approach to provide the best solutions for healthcare environments.  Our ultimate goal is to offer an affordable healthcare environment that performs at the highest level, adapts easily to change, reduces staff stress and distractions, and supports the overarching goal of providing safe, effective care.  A balanced healthcare environment allows all of these elements to work together, forming a total healing environment for patients, families, and staff.  Let us transform how you deliver patient care.


We know your customer experience is everything. That’s why we have the right solutions that represent your brand and provide your customers with the right environment. Whether it’s a hotel, restaurant or other hospitality environment, we have the products to integrate with the total experience.