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Bellacor, which provides lighting and home accessories, moved from Mendota Heights to the McKesson Building downtown Minneapolis in April of 2015.  One of Bellacor’s primary goals for their new space was to increase collaboration and offer an open, well-lit space with access to daylight and views.  Because of this, Bellacor chose the top floor of a building featuring large windows along the perimeter and incorporated a large skylight and their own lighting products into the space.   Formerly residing in an outdated office with high workstation panels, the majority of Bellacor’s team now sits in workstations with lowered panel heights, offering room for collaboration and visibility throughout their space.  Despite the reluctance of employees to move to an open-office concept, Bellacor’s team has transitioned quickly into a more collaborative environment with increased, free-flowing communication. 

In addition to workstations, Bellacor’s new space features 10 private offices, a café, and several conference rooms.  Because Bellacor wanted their workplace to be a representation of the products they offer, their own furnishings and accessories fill many of the common spaces. 

Bellacor’s new office features original hardwood floors, along with raw architecture and an abundance of existing wood columns.  The columns, standing approximately every 12’ apart, presented unusual challenges during workspace planning.  Many of the workstations, laid out in four-packs and six packs, were cut specifically to fit around the existing architecture without compromising the integrity of the product.  Bellacor’s tight project timeline also increased the intricacies of the project, and Fluid Interiors moved Bellacor from their old location into their new space over one weekend.   

"We have been very impressed in every step of the process working with the Fluid team," said Brenda Boehler, CEO.   "The high level of professionalism, open and thoughtful communication, plus, plus has been truly best in class.  All too often we forget to pause and say thank you.  We simply think commerce is just that –commerce…but in the end it is the people that bring success to our businesses."  

70 Haworth Compose workstations

Private Offices
10 Haworth offices with Workrite Height Adjustable Bases, plus pedestal storage

"The high level of professionalism, open and thoughtful communication, plus, plus has been truly best in class."

- Brenda Boehler, CEO