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AgriBank FCB, one of the largest banks in the National Farm Credit System, relocated to Wells Fargo Place downtown St. Paul.  Their space is home to approximately 200 employees who spend their time in private offices, workstations, hotelling stations, conference rooms and collaborative areas.

AgriBank, with the help of HGA Architects and Engineers, was striving to incorporate their “Guiding Principles” into the performance of their new space.  The company envisioned a world-class, professional space that would encourage teamwork and cross-functional collaboration while embracing their unique culture and their rich 95-year history.  AgriBank’s planning committee wanted the new workspace to land somewhere on the continuum between conservative and innovative, collaborative and private.  AgriBank also wanted to offer flexibility to its employees, as well as natural light and views, all with the hope of providing a space that satisfies current employees and recruits new talent.