Shannon Lovejoy

Shannon Lovejoy

Project Coordinator

p: (612) 746-8737


Shannon Lovejoy has nearly 15 years of experience coordinating order accuracy logistics.  After receiving a degree in communications and a minor in marketing in college, Shannon became a project coordinator with Fluid Interiors.  She worked primarily with UnitedHealth Group and eventually also managed the customer service department for several years. 

Due to Shannon’s ability to handle large projects, she became the project coordinator for a large Medtronic project in 2007 and continues to work with Medtronic, along with General Mills, St. Jude, and several other customers. 

In addition to her responsibilities as a project coordinator, Shannon also trains new hires—including project coordinators and new hires from overlapping departments.  Shannon excels in her position because she’s extremely detail oriented and patient, with a holistic view of the entire project process and her impact on the overall project. Fluid’s repeatable process helps her keep communication consistent with customers, a large part of what helps projects be successful.