Molly Titcombe, IIDA

Molly Titcombe, IIDA

Project Designer

Molly earned her Bachelor of Science in interior design, and due to her interest in communication, also earned a Bachelor of Arts in the field.  Before joining the Fluid team, Molly put her experience to work as an intern with Nevers Industries.

While she has both residential and commercial design experience, Molly quickly realized that she has a greater passion for commercial design.  After discovering an interest in systems furniture, Molly continues to exude a real passion for design that has the ability to make the workplace more pleasant.

Molly’s background in communication helps her excel with customers, offering clear, concise communication throughout such a complex process.  Molly is detailed and organized, yet creative, giving her both the discipline and flexibility to provide her customers with custom workplace solutions.  She particularly enjoys figuring out how workplaces can be arranged for maximum productivity.

Molly is currently a member of IIDA Northland.