Mark Eklund

Mark Eklund

Business Development & Operations Advisor

p: (612) 746-8741


Mark began his career in 1979, working at Steelcase as a district manager for five years.  In 1992, Mark joined Dayton's Commercial Interiors (now Target Commercial Interiors) working in various roles and eventually becoming the President of Dayton’s. 

In 2002, Mark joined Haworth as a regional manager.  His experience with Haworth led him to the opportunity to start Fluid Interiors with Berk Claiborne.  Mark and Berk had a similar vision of what a dealer could provide for customers that extended beyond what dealers at that time were offering.  Their experience and thought processes aligned to help them turn around a failing business, now Fluid Interiors, with Berk functioning as the creative leader and Mark functioning more as an operational pragmatist. 

Because of his management tenure, Mark is able to help Fluid Interiors identify opportunities for improvement while taking advantage of the company’s strengths.  He excels at understanding how people fit within the organization and how to maximize their strengths to help them be successful—watching others grow and succeed is his biggest thrill.  Mark is also cognizant of - and relates well to - the multiple generational attitudes and thought processes within one culture.