Kris Root

Kris Root

Senior Account Executive

Kris earned her Bachelor of Science of interior design and has worked with Fluid since 1985. She began her career as a project coordinator and eventually moved into her role as account executive.  

Kris specializes in large projects with a focus on corporate and government projects, but also has experience working on education facilities and medical/dental clinics.  Some of her largest customers include Edina Realty, Upsher Smith and the United States Attorneys’ Office.  Kris also worked on the award-winning, LEED Gold certified Ramsey County Library. 

Several of Kris’s customers have worked with her throughout her twenty-eight years at Fluid Interiors.  They trust Kris to help them experience change and growth over time, based on their organization’s evolving needs.  Due to her knowledge and long-term relationships, many of Kris’s clients entrust her and her team to help them make educated decisions above and beyond the scope of furniture.

Kris understands the project process from start to finish and has the detail orientation to manage projects successfully.  She enjoys the responsibility and sense of purpose that stems from helping her customers keep their projects on time and on budget.