Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh

Architectural Interiors Account Executive

p: (612) 746-8707


After growing up with continued interest in buildings and construction, Joe earned a Bachelor of Science in construction management, along with a minor in business administration. 

Prior to joining Fluid Interiors, Joe worked for DeWitt homes, providing project management and onsite job supervision for new home construction.  After several years as a project manager, Joe joined 21st Century Exteriors and sold exterior, residential construction products like windows, siding, and roofing.  Following that, Joe worked as an account executive, selling commercial property and casualty insurance. 

Joe joined Fluid Interiors to sell architectural products like moveable walls, and his background in construction management gives him the knowledge and understanding of commercial interiors.  He likes sales because he loves meeting new people, learning about their businesses, and understanding how they operate.  Joe works with all of Fluid’s market segments, including corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and education institutions.