Jen Dickenson

Jen Dickenson

Senior Project Coordinator

Jen earned two degrees—one in management and one in French—along with a minor in economics from the University of Minnesota Morris.  After college, she joined Arthur Shuster (a senior living A+D firm) as a project coordinator.  Because of her background in management, and her inherent interest in design, Jen worked successfully as a project coordinator managing project logistics. 

Following her three years at Arthur Shuster, Jen joined Target Corp. as a project coordinator for existing store construction.  She eventually transitioned onto a fixtures team with indirect procurement to manage the ordering process and contribute to expense optimization analysis

After three years with Target, Jen returned to Arthur Shuster, partly because she enjoys the culture and feel of a small company.  Eventually ready to broaden her market experience, Jen joined Fluid Interiors for more exposure to corporate work.  At Fluid, she works primarily with corporate end users and government agencies, helping to coordinate order management logistics.

At Fluid, Jen works with large customers like Upsher Smith and Miracle Ear, among others.  She enjoys owning her role as part of a team, and particularly the responsibility of ensuring a project is executed successfully.