Danielle Krejci

Danielle Krejci

Project Coordinator

p: (612) 746-8732

e: danielle.krejci@fluidinteriors.com

Danielle has a Bachelor of Science in biology and nearly 11 years of experience working as a project coordinator at Fluid Interiors.  She works on multiple accounts but works primarily for RBC Wealth Management, one of Fluid’s largest accounts.  

Danielle likes the challenging, fast-pace of working on the RBC account, particularly handling out-of-state work and coordinating with both installers and project managers in different locations.  Danielle’s adaptable nature makes her efficient at handling many moving parts and reacting to customers’ requests in real time.

Throughout her career, Danielle has experienced many changes in software, project process and the industry as a whole.  This experience, combined with her ability to learn quickly, gives her a well-rounded perspective of the industry.