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Fluid Interiors hires to our core values


The Star Tribune named Fluid Interiors a Top Workplace for 2015.  Top Workplaces are determined based solely on employee feedback, and the survey focuses on components of well-being, like relationships, positive feelings and a sense of meaning at work.

We believe hiring to our core values has played a major role in being named a Top Workplace.


1.  Genuine People

We believe genuine people make positive, authentic connections with their peers and customers.  We applaud candor, work ethic and integrity, and we value a positive, fun atmosphere.

2.  Continuous Growth

We believe growth is essential in our personal, professional and business lives.  We’re naturally curious and believe lifelong learning leads to continuous improvement and individual satisfaction.

To foster our approach to lifelong learning, Fluid Interiors participates in many industry associations, including the following: ALAMNBOMAIFMAIIDAMNCARMNCREWMMGMA and NAIOP.

3.  Results Focused

We work to support our customers’ ever-changing organizations, which is why we hire people who are agile and adaptable.  This ability to respond to change requires attention to detail, allowing us to produce successful outcomes over and over again.

4.  Creativity 

We like to flex our brains to provide unique solutions for our customers.  We encourage and applaud creativity and imagination – in expected and unexpected places.


Berk Claiborne

President, Owner

Carmen Sander

Vice President of Services

Shawn Wilson

Director of Sales

Sales & Marketing

Mark Eklund

Business Development & Operations Advisor

Rosa Brandt, NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED

A+D Account Executive

Darla Fall

Senior Account Executive

Amy Hanson

Senior Account Executive

Dan Herman

Director of Facility Services

Kris Root

Senior Account Executive

Jayne Lowenberg, CID, LEED

Account Executive

Jenny Quam

Hospitality Account Manager

Leah Schultze

Account Executive

Elle Taylor, NCIDQ, IIDA

Account Executive

Joe Walsh

Architectural Interiors Account Executive

Megan Kennedy

Creative Director

Morgan Wynveen

Marketing Coordinator


Chrissie Dimmer, NCIDQ

Project Designer

Katie Holmes, NCIDQ, IIDA, LEED

Project Designer

Marya Lo

Project Designer

Sara Miller

Project Designer

Shay O’Malley Langer, NCIDQ

Project Designer

Sandra Rueda

Project Designer

Jodi Sorenson

Project Designer

Rebecca Wolf

Project Designer

Shawn Pade

Senior Hospitality Specialist

Project Management

Paul Schluter

Project Manager

Project Coordination

Caitlin Attwill

Project Coordinator

Kelly Cassaro

Project Coordinator

Jen Dickenson

Project Coordinator

Kelsey Grabow

Project Coordinator

Jolene Gallmeier

Project Coordinator

Nicole Helland

Project Coordinator

Curt Hobson

Project Coordinator

Kelsey Koeller

Project Coordinator

Danielle Krejci

Project Coordinator

Shannon Lovejoy

Project Coordinator

Ashley Peterson

Order Management

Matt Reisdorf

Lead Project Coordinator

Jacki Shear

Project Coordinator

Patricia Shodiya

Project Coordinator

Amanda Zylka

Project Coordinator


Tim Sullivan

Operations Manager

Shannon Chiodo

Installation/Relocation Manager

Pete Simpkins

Service Logistics Manager

Matt Hora

Installation Manager

Pete Jacques

Installation Manager

Bob Mello

Installation Manager

Carrie Neu

Installation Manager

Jamie Hochsprung

Service Administrator

Faith Gilbertson

Warranty Service Coordinator

Finance & Human Resources

April Zenzen, CPA


Nichole Norcutt


Kavitha Ramesh


Brenda Contreras

Administrative Assistant

Jayne Mikkelson

Human Resources Administrator / Accountant